April 4th, 2012

Sam (Lab mix, 6 months old)

Because the apartment was too quiet for me to handle, and because this little guy was going to be put down at the shelter he was at, I adopted a new pup.

Meet Sam:

Sam is such a sweet dog. His previous owner surrendered him to the shelter. Sam is a bit underweight still (we are working on fattening him up) and afraid of most new people, but he is doing so, so well here. He loves chewing bones, hiding said bones in our shoes, cuddling with us on the couch and bed, stealing our pens, giving kisses, and wagging that crazy tail of his. (Note: his tail rarely stops moving, and when it goes, it's like a freaking propeller. I have been slapped around quite a bit and must admit: I love that tail! Also, his whole butt moves back and forth when he wags his tail.)